Gems from Myleik’s Summer Refresh Podcast Series #MyTaughtYou

If you don’t know by now, I LOVE me some Myleik. Her authenticity, work ethic and willingness to help others succeed is unmatched. Now, I know its summer and your main priority is probably to relax, hit the pool and simply have a good time. BUT, in the midst of all that, you should most definitely check out Myleik’s new podcast series that’s all about refreshing your hustle and recommitting to your goals. Get into these gems from episode #1: 

— Take an inventory skills gap analysis (Difference between skills employers need, skills that you have to offer, Skills u need to meet your professional goals) Where you think u are VS where u are, VS where u wanna be!

— Schools aren’t teaching what the workplace needs. What u learned in school is likely dated. Everything is changing so fast, u don’t have a choice but to keep up with the latest in your field.

— Assess yourself this summer. Search for job descriptions in your field, your current position and a higher position. See what the requirements are and what skills you don’t have. 

— Don’t BS the game and “fake it till you make it”, take refresher courses. Webinars, seminars, online courses, etc. helps you with the gaps. Check reviews, ask around, FB groups to find out about them. 

— We’re in a heavy “know your worth, ask for more” phase. Don’t disagree BUT we need to know what we’re doing. Really know u have more to offer because you operate outside your comfort zone, doing more than what’s asked, volunteered in other departments and you know a lot. Ask to get paid more for that, not because you’ve been somewhere long.

— Schedule meeting with your team/boss letting them know what u did after you take a course, etc. get on peoples radar, it’ll make the conversation around your raise easier.

— Entrepreneurs- see what others are doing, find the gaps, schedule a review with management to get a performance review. It can be tough but it helps you.

— Look into mentorship programs at your job, ask someone who’s work you admire for coffee, shadow when you can.

— Today’s greatest challenges are soft skills gap. Today’s employers are saying: unprofessional, lacks people skills, critical thinking, no self awareness, no accountability, Attitude, doesn’t respect anyone as authority. 

— There’s a gap of what’s expected vs what’s showing up. If it’s holding you back you have to fix it! 

— You MUST be a life long learner.

— Stop comparing yourself and hustle to what u see on social media. Nobody can show u what they’re doing in s full 24 hours. Don’t replicate what u see because it’s not true

— Your hustle should be unique to you, the way you move is going to look different there is no “canned” hustle.

— Soft skills u can work on this summer:


(WRITE TO THE POINT by Salvatore Iacone on her book list), most don’t know how to write for business. Craft emails, effective and to the point. You’re measured on that. Always needed whether you’re working for someone or yourself. 

Public Speaking

“I don’t plan to give a ted talk” that’s fine, you still need to know how to present, hold a meeting, talk to clients and hold attention. Luvie has a public speaking course (FIRE speaker). Take a course.

Critical Thinking

If you struggle. Imagine yourself as a private investigator, get to the bottom of things. “If u can help your homegirl find out if her man cutting up you can do this.” Find a better route or solution. *Think of yourself as the Waze of the game. Make things cheaper, faster. Don’t let things pass your eyes, think critically for your company AND yourself. 

Attention to Detail/Listening

If you’re doing everything based on what u think is right, you can’t see how to do things better or drill down on details.


Get help on communicating. Tone in email, body language, work on this. How do u show up in rooms? Communication is more than what u say. 

Time Management

People have more distractions than ever. We overestimate what we can do in an hour, be honest with yourself what u can actually do. If you’re indecisive, perfectionist, always late, say yes to everything, do everything yourself (don’t outsource, delegate) then you need to work on your time management skills. Don’t fall into the trap being busy means getting things done efficiently. 


With 2020 less than 6 months away (WOW), how will you REFRESH, RECHARGE, and RECOMMIT to your hustle and goals? Let me know in the comments section below! 

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