Benefits of Having a Social Media Calendar [+ free download 🔥]

Can you believe its already August? This year is TRULY flying by. In my last post I discussed Myleik’s summer refresh series, where she touched on ways to recommit to your goals this summer. Which led me to reflect back to one of my 2019 goals: CONSISTENCY! If you work in social media, you know consistency is KEY! And to help with that, you should most definitely be utilizing a social media calendar. Still not convinced? Keep reading!

Consistency – In order to grow your brand, you have to post and engage with your audience like a real human— aka consistently. Planning your content out, especially around holidays and hashtags allows you to engage with your audience in the most authentic way. 

Organization – Being able to see what you have scheduled for the month, along with an actual calendar, gives you such a peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about missing deadlines and it also allows you to track how you’re doing and have posts prepared for the future.  

Time Management – I know I’m not the only one who feels like theres not enough hours in the day. With so many distractions, things to do, LIFE in general, you should always find ways to manage your time better. This calendar allows you to do that. Spending less time on this gives you more time to focus on another goal you may have. 

In order to put your calendar to good use, you should also look into social media tools to schedule these posts. Some of my favorites are:

Hootsuite: free and paid version are pretty similar, you just get less accounts to manage and less posts to schedule. I use the paid version at work and love that I can not only schedule posts but also view in depth analytics, social media listening (follow competitors, hashtags, etc.), and engage with my audience.

Bufffer Publish: Benefits for free and paid are the same, you just get less accounts to manage and posts to schedule. Ideal if you’re JUST scheduling posts! Has basic analytics tracking too. Super easy and user friendly. 

social media calendar

As apart of my summer refresh I decided to update my social media calendar and share it with you guys for the remainder of 2019, you can download it here (on desktop of course). Did you find it helpful? What did you refresh this summer? Let me know in the comments section below! 

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