3 Things to Consider Before you Quit your Job

We’re living in a time where everyone wants to boss up…NOW. New job, new title, more money, whatever the case may be. And nothing’s wrong with that, but it’s important to make sure your timing is right. 



Navigating through your career is a lot like a relationship. The beginning stage is always the sweet spot. The dates, butterfly’s, no arguments everything is PEACHY. Some like to call it the “honeymoon” phase. Then reality knocks on the door. You find yourself in situations that test you, force you to put in work, and most importantly learn. Career wise this is the point where you may feel like you’re doing things outside your job description, you’re feeling complacent, or you just simply want more money. You may get the urge to job hunt..BUT before you make that drastic move…ask yourself these things:


— Have you learned EVERYTHING you possibly can? Prior to leaving a job it’s really important to make sure you’ve truly mastered the role. Taking initiative on projects, streamlining processes, and being a human sponge are all great ways to truly leave your mark before you leave a job. 


— Have you actually tried getting a promotion? Track your accomplishments throughout the year so when review time comes you’re prepared to negotiate a raise. Know your worth and do your research!


— Are you taking advantage of all the benefits your job offers? I know everyone wants to make more money BUT you could easily be overlooking a “raise” through benefits you’re already offered. Discount gym memberships, tuition remission, and working from home to save on commuting costs are just a few ways you can add to your salary, if a promotion isn’t an option. 


If you’ve gone through this list and still find yourself wanting a new job, that’s totally fine! Put in the work and make sure you’re prepared. But if you’re not, get back in the zone and make the best of your current situation. Remember, there was probably a point in time when you prayed for this moment. Don’t be so quick to run when things get uncomfortable—-that’s where your best moments of growth happen. Which reminds me of a quote from my FAV, Myleik!



P.S. I’m preaching to myself. I hope this helps you in your career journey too! Keep me posted in the comments section below ❤️

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