Valentine’s Day: Top 10 Wines Under $30


Listen– I LOVE me some wine, and of course being the bargain barbie that I am, I refuse to pay over $30 for a good wine. In fact, everything on this list is below $15 except for one that I indulge in when I’m feeling real FANCY! I’m more of a red girl, as you’ll be able to tell from the list, but I also appreciate a good Prosecco and Sauvignon Blanc.

Almost all of the wines can be found at Total Wine, which is my absolute FAVORITE place to shop for wine. They have a wide selection of wines, spirits, and beers and a ton of locations around the US. The staff is well educated to help you find any and everything you’re looking for, and they also have tastings daily. And the cherry on top? It’s all FREE! I’ve discovered a lot of my favorite wines shopping here, so they really hold a special place in my heart. Okay enough talking, lets get to why we’re here…ENJOY!


Red Wines

San Antonio: Semi Sweet $6.99

Sweet grape & red berry flavors. Medium-bodied.

*Make sure you don’t get the sweet red, entirely TOO sweet. Unless you’re into that. 🙂


Low Hanging Fruit: Sweet Red $7.99

Aromas of black cherry & raspberry jam. Light-bodied.

*This also comes in other varieties!


Cupcake Vineyards: Merlot $7.47

Red cherries, cocoa, and espresso. Full-bodied


Barefoot Cellars: Rich Red Blend $4.47

Black fruit, sweet vanilla, spice. Full-bodied.

*Disclaimer* I’m typically anti Barefoot but…idc idc THIS WAS GOODT!


Iter: Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Reserve 29.99

Bold blackberry, plum, and dark cherry flavors. Full-bodied.


Sauvignon Blanc Wines


Governors bay: Sauvignon Blanc $12.49

Fresh, crisp taste. Gooseberry, passionfruit, capsicum, melon. Light-bodied.


Glazebrook: Sauvignon Blanc $9.97

Crisp, passion fruit and gooseberry.



Prosecco/Sparkling Wines

Mionetto: Prosecco Brut $11.99

Intense fruity apples. Dry, fresh, light-bodied.


Cupcake: Prosecco $7.97

White peach, grapefruit and honeydew melon flavors.


Simonet Vin Mousseux: Sparkling Wine $9.95

Crisp & refreshing. Lemons, limes, and green apples. Medium-bodied.

*Haven’t been able to find this in store YET but I had it at RARE and fell in love!


Which wine will you be picking up for your special someone? Or yourself? Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂

  • February 12, 2018

    Perfect timing for Valentine’s Day! I have yet to check out Total Wine but after seeing this, I definitely will! I normally shop at Trader Joe’s for wine-they have a fantastic bottle of red table wine for under $7!

  • Tamara Mason
    February 13, 2018

    Love it!! I learned about ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ from Jalisa a while ago and it is a great go-to for the “I’m chilling at my girl’s crib, Netflix/Hulu & chill, or hell, I’m chilling by myself…. this week was long so I want some good wine this Friday” type of nights! It is not too sweet or too bitter. I recently got this for my friend’s bridal shower and it was a hit for those that did not prefer the sweetness of Stella Rosa! #TreatYoSelf #TreatYoGirl lol

  • Kriezl
    February 13, 2018

    Perfect timing! Thanks boo!

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