Lot going on…#Covid19

What a month March has been, thanks to #Covid19..SMH. It’s crazy because March is usually my favorite month of the year (besides my bday of course 😂) it’s the month I:

– started my 1st job outta college in my field. 

– Moved into new apartments. 

– Started grad school. 

– Visited NOLA for the 1st time. (Fav!!)

– And then 2020 comes…Coronavirus-19

Some would say this has been the worst month ever, or even the worst year ever “throw 2020 away” “let’s fast forward to 2021” but for me? I strive to always find the silver lining in every situation. Optimistic and certain that there’s always a positive somewhere if you actually take the time to focus on that instead of dwelling on the latter. When you s h i f t your perspective to find the good in everything, it really does make life a little easier to deal with. And that’s not to say life is easy. Or that it’s all rainbows and butterfly’s. Or that you won’t get annoyed or dissatisfied. That’s life. It’s all about what you decide to put your energy towards. As this month comes to an end I can’t help but to reflect back on what I’m most grateful for…

1. Family. I spent the past few weeks secluded with my family in the country hours away from the Bay. (I’m super grateful I was able to leave prior to the big lockdown.) We cooked amazing meals, shared great conversations and enjoyed nature. I also kept in touch with my distant family more often. 

2. My job. I’m extremely grateful to be able to work from home and be provided the resources I need to still be successful. My heart truly aches for the people who have been negatively impacted from this pandemic and I pray they recover soon. 🙏🏽

3. My sanity. Listen…mental health is not a joke and this pandemic has surely sent my newly found anxiety through the roof. I started therapy this year and it has truly been so helpful. Talking through your issues, finding healthy solutions and learning about yourself is priceless. My therapist is virtual too, shout-out to Lyra!

4. My friends. Leaving my friends on the east coast wasn’t easy but I’m grateful we talk on the daily. I’m also grateful for the tribe I’ve created in the bay, a mix of new and old friends who truly keep me sane! 


5. Most importantly… GOD. One of my 2020 goals was to get closer to God. With this quarantine I was able to remain consistent with my bible plans and thankfully still attend my home church virtually. My faith & optimism come from him ❤️ thankful for his grace! 

I pray you find inspiration and hope in my reflection. We WILL get through this and come out much stronger, wiser and faithful. I wish you an abundance of positive vibes and great health. And I’ll leave you with some free resources to help you get through! 

  1.  Google resources for individuals, educators & businesses
  2. Yelp small business resources
  3. Facebook small business resources
  4. Free Hootsuite professional until July 2020
  5. Zion Church virtual service
  6. Lyra Health virtual therapy sessions (suggest as a benefit to your employer!)

How have you spent your time social distancing? What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments section below! 


Xoxo, JalisaRose 

  • Breon
    March 31, 2020

    I’ve been really grateful for TECHNOLOGY. I really miss all of my family and friends, and it’s crazy thinking about time before FaceTime. I don’t know how I would have made it through this. I love seeing how creative people have been with virtual concerts, hangouts, and other services! Staying connected is so important during this time.

  • Nikole John
    April 1, 2020

    Such a great perspective! Lately, I have been most appreciative of my home and all of the comfort it provides. We are blessed to have running hot water, internet, furniture, etc. etc. I’ve also spent more time in my backyard and connecting with the outdoors again. I’m making time to slow down and acknowledge all of the small things that we inadvertently take for granted 🙂

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