A Birthday Tradition: Volunteering #NYCWFF

If you’re a food network lover like me, you know exactly what #NYCWFF is. If not, let me inform you!! NYCWFF is NYC’s biggest & best food and wine festival filled with legendary chefs, parties, seminars, and so much more. For the past 4 years (& counting), I spend the entire weekend before my birthday working NYCWFF.

Fun fact: 

When I 1st found out about the festival In 2014 it fell on my birthday weekend…I thought to myself, food + drinks + my fav city?! Oh I’m in there! After doing further research I was humbly reminded that I was a broke college student & couldn’t afford this luxurious event. But did that stop me? NOPE! I happened to run across the volunteer page & the rest was history. 


You’re probably wondering who wants to spend their birthday volunteering? Welp. I do. Here’s why: 


  1. Food Network & Cooking channel = amazing food & drinks (usually unlimited too, but no drinking while you volunteer!) Most events you work will more than likely allow you to sample the food, which is a great perk because of course food network & cooking channel have nothing but the best— it’s also a great time to try something you usually wouldn’t! 
  2. Food Network, Cooking Channel, and a host of other sponsors make sure 100% of the proceeds benefit the No Kid Hungry campaign and Food Bank For New York City. They’ve raised millions so far—if that doesn’t make you want to volunteer than I don’t know what will. 
  3. The festival literally isn’t possible without volunteers. Over 2k volunteers dedicate their time each & every year!  
  4. I’ve always  had an interest in event planning. Volunteering for NYCWFF allows me to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make it a success every year– from logistics, to knowing what to do when a crisis happens, I’m able to learn and apply these skills to my marketing career. (If you don’t have event planning experience thats okay too!)
  5. You get to meet and work with a lot of amazing people from all over the US, its definitely a great networking opportunity. I always have my business cards on deck because you just never know who you’ll run into. *Bonus* you might even meet your favorite chef….I LOVE YOU BOBBY! 
  6. *Best perk* getting a free ticket to an event! This is for leads only BUT such a gracious way of thanking leads for taking the time to volunteer, I usually always pick the big rooftop event as my event and its ALWAYS a good time!


Soooo..have I convinced you yet? Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to volunteer with me next year!

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  • October 18, 2018

    I will be honored let me know what steps I need to take by the way I enjoyed your testimony about how you got start may the Lord continued to enrich you !

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